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Ravi Shankar performs with his daughter, Anoushka Shankar.

How Indian Vocal Singing Can Help Kids Improve Their Academic Performance

Music is a powerful tool that can enhance children’s cognitive abilities, academic performance, and overall well-being. Studies have shown that learning music can help children develop various cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and spatial reasoning. And that is why we have come up with vocal classes in Rohini.

Indian vocal singing classes, in particular, can be highly beneficial for kids as they not only improve their singing abilities but also offer numerous cognitive and academic advantages. With this idea in Mind, Tansen Music Academy located at Sector 8, Rohini, brings in comprehensive Indian Vocal Singing classes and music classes in Rohini for kids. The new batch starting will not only help kids acquire new skills and activities this summer vacation but also help enhance their academic performance this year.

How music helps Improve Academic Performance

  1. Boosting memory and attention with Indian Classical music 

Indian vocal singing classes can help kids improve their academic performance by boosting their cognitive skills. Studies have shown that learning music can improve children’s memory and attention, two critical skills that are essential for academic success. Children who learn music tend to have a better working memory, which means they can retain and process information more effectively. They also develop better attention skills, which allows them to focus and concentrate for longer periods, a crucial skill that can help them perform better in school.

  1. Improving Vocabulary and Pronunciation with Indian Classical

Moreover, Indian vocal singing classes can improve kids’ language skills as they learn to sing in different languages, which can help them develop better pronunciation, intonation, and accent. Singing in Indian classical languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, and Urdu can also introduce kids to new vocabulary, which can enhance their overall language skills.

  1. A perfect form of relieving stress and tension

Children these days are suffering from the great pressure of scoring and excelling in their academics. Not only from their parents, but the pressure from their surroundings also makes them depressed. Therefore, apart from academic advantages, Indian vocal singing classes can also have positive impacts on kids’ emotional well-being. Singing can be a great stress reliever and can help children express themselves in a safe and creative way. Kids who learn Indian vocal singing can also develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem as they improve their singing abilities.

Tansen Music Academy for Indian Classical Vocal Training

However, finding the right Indian vocal-singing teacher for your child is crucial. Parents should look for experienced and qualified teachers who have a good track record of working with children. They should also choose a teacher who can cater to their child’s learning style and personality and provide a nurturing and supportive environment. 

The vocal and music classes in Rohini at Tansen Music Academy focus on the basics of Indian classical music, including Swar, Raga, Taal, and Alankar. Students are taught to sing in various styles such as Khayal, Thumri, and Dhrupad. The instructors also teach students how to improvise and develop their own unique style of singing. The light classical vocal singing classes at Tansen Music Academy include various forms such as Ghazals, Bhajans, and Qawwalis. The instructors focus on developing the student’s voice quality, pitch, and tone. They also teach students how to modulate their voices to express different emotions while singing.

The vocal classes in Rohini are held in a spacious and well-equipped classroom that is conducive to learning. Students are provided with audio and video recordings of their classes to help them practice at home. In addition to vocal singing classes, Tansen Music Academy also offers music classes in Rohini in various instruments such as tabla, harmonium, guitar, and keyboard.


Indian vocal singing classes can offer numerous cognitive, academic, and emotional benefits for kids. Parents should encourage their children to learn music and explore different genres of music to help them develop a well-rounded personality. Learning Indian vocal singing can be an enriching experience for children and can help them develop a lifelong love for music. And for the best learning experience, contact Tansen Music Academy now.

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