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Whether you dream of playing a keyboard like a professional or you would just like to play the instrument for your family and friends, joining keyboard classes in Rohini, Delhi, would be a rewarding endeavor. The classes are run by Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (TSM), a leading name in the world of music and dance education.


It is a musical instrument consisting of a row of levers called keys and each key produces a different sound. In common language, this instrument is called piano or electronic keyboard. And it comes in exciting sizes from portable instruments to bigger stationary devices used by leading bands. As a beginner, you will start learning a keyboard from the basics which are recognizing its keys and setting your hands on those levers.

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (TSM) is a leading name in teaching musical instruments. You can join keyboard classes in Rohini, Delhi, to master the art of playing a keyboard. The experienced teaching staff will help you become accustomed to and familiar with the keyboard

What You Will Learn In Keyboard Classes In Rohini?

It will be a unique learning experience that you will cherish throughout your life. Here you’ll get the right atmosphere, companions, and mentors.

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