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Classical Vocal

Dhrupad, Khyal, and Tarana are called classical vocal and we have teachers with rich experience in the classical vocal. Dhrupad is the oldest known style of major vocal styles associated with shastriya sangeet. Its roots are ancient as it has been discussed in the Natyashastra. Khyal is associated with romantic poetry and allows the performer greater freedom. Tarana is more modern in terms of melody and rhythm as it provides more freedom to musicians.

Light Classical Vocal

Dhamar, trivat, chaiti, kajari, tappa, tap-khyal, ashtapadis, thumri, dadra, ghazal, and bhajan are covered under the light classical vocal. They are different because they don’t adhere to the rigorous rules of classical music.

Music Classes In Rohini

Hindustani classical music is one of the two principal types of South Asian classical music. It is more popular as North Indian classical music or Hindustani shastriya sangeet due to its influence over north India. Also, it is a patron of guru-shishya tradition where education is provided on a one-on-one basis. In modern India, Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya (TSM) is following a similar tradition to provide education in Hindustani shashtriya sangeet through its music classes in Rohini, Delhi.

Come Join Our Music Classes In Rohini

Whether you are a beginner or a vocal musician who wants to rekindle their passion for music, we welcome everyone who wants to practice Hindustani shastriya sangeet at Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya. Here you will find many like-minded musicians practicing the vocal music of their choice in our music classes in Rohini, Delhi.

Advantages of Learning Vocal Music at Tansen Rohini: